14 March 2011

virus insanity eyeshadows, first impressions

through another company on facebook, i caught out of the corner of my eye virus insanity eyeshadows. while looking through her albums, i saw the st patrick's day collection and nearly died of love. i love greens and golds, they are only second to my love of purple. jenn is the owner and is awesome. 
currently they are only available to purchase on facebook. i know some people are wary of that, but i promise this is legit. paypal is accepted or you can use the 'shop now' tab on her page. 
i bought the st patrick's day collection for 20$ including shipping. i chose not to get the glitter that came with the collection because honestly, i never wear glitter and it would be a waste. including the glitter, it would have only been 2$ more though. 
jenn is always having promotions on her page, like the
10 random shadows for 25$ or something similar. she posts them regularly so it's never hard to find a good deal to try the shadows out.

anyway! on to my package. which got here super quick! i received a shipping notice on march 9th, and when i went to get my mail yesterday, the 12th, there they were!
they arrived in a simple bubble mailer which i prefer because i have a little mailbox and bubble mailers always fit. 
inside were my pretties!
they were wrapped up tight in a ziploc bag that was taped so they had no breathing room. that's a good thing because loose pigments in the mail can be a big disaster if not properly packaged.
here's the bottom of the shadows^^
and here's the tops. the little white things are stickers over the sifters to make sure no product spills out of them.
close ups of all the labels.

unreal is a sample i received with my order. it's pretty common for mineral makeup companies to send a free sample with every order. it's packaged in a clamshell, which i hate. i feel they are too messy. much like sample baggies. i understand they are probably cheaper though and that's why so many companies use them. personally, i just wish they would go. away.
as always, i swatch over a primer. this is the one i used because this is my everyday primer. i swatch over a primer because i wear eyeshadows over a primer, so i would like to see how they really look. you can buy this at victoria's secret or their website for i do believe 8$. very similar to too faced shadow insurance, but that's another post.

on to the swatches! virus insanity describes the colors like this:
Shamrock: Shimmery white with green and lime glitter.
Kiss Me, I'm Irish: Bright green with gold glitter.
Luck of the Irish: Light gold.
Drunken Leprechaun: Light green with red iridescence.
Pot of Gold: Medium gold with lime glitter.

you can click these to make them bigger!

i swatched these with my fingers over primer.

can i just say that luck of the irish is the softest eyeshadow i have ever touched? when i dipped my finger in it, it felt so smooth and soft. like a soft buttery cloud, but better. they are super pigmented- the swatches are just me touching the shadow from the pot and then putting it on my arm. no packing on, just a touch. amazing!
can't wait to use them on my eyes and do a full review!
have you used these before? let me know what you think.


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