22 November 2009

Pop Beauty Pin Up Pop- slightly a disappointment


Meet the Pin Up Pop mini palette from pop Beauty. I saw this in the Ulta catalog that just came out and immediately though "OH 9.99?! WANT. NEED." Cause hello? It's a higher end name and looked pretty. Plus the packaging is pretty and I'm a sucker for that.
Anyway. I figured this would be small, however holding it in my hands at Ulta on Friday night I had no idea it would be that small. The shadows are as small as they look in the picture. Imagine if you looked at your pinky finger and from the tip to just below the first knuckle, that would be how small these shadows are. Maybe I was just a tad over shocked about how little they were. But be forewarned- they are little!

When you open up the palette, which by the way, is not even six inches long, you see the shadows and little mirror attached to the top. I think the first four are supposed to be liners- one is black and sparkly, while the rest- a navy, a bright blue, and a dark green- are matte with very nice pigmentation.
The next four are all sparkly, the first I want to say is an extremely dark green with gold shimmer, then a light seafoam green that is more of a frost, an eggplant color, and a pretty light pinkish purple. All are pigmented nicely except the first one, I can't figure out what color it is and when swatched it doesn't compare to the others.
The last four shadows are the more boring neutral colors- still very pretty though. The first is a peach matte color, which is very nicely pigmented but chalky- something I didn't find with the other three mattes. Then there is a sparkly peachy pink color, a sparkly copper color, and a golden shimmery color. All are pigmented nicely as well.
I wore the eggplant and the pinkish purple color together today and after twelve hours it has faded quite a bit. Using a base of H.i.P paint in secretive, it was easy to blend but not great at building color.

Would I still have bought this if I knew how big it was? Probably not. I'll give it 3.5/5 stars. It's a good stocking stuffer for someone just getting into makeup- the colors range from neutral to bright and you can create a lot of looks with it. Most are very well pigmented and easy to work with.
Have any of you guys bought it? Thoughts?

Until next time divas!

21 November 2009

about me, contact info, and disclaimer


hi. I would be Ashleigh. I'm obsessed with all things beauty, mainly eyeshadow and nail polish. I started this blog [under the name confessions of a cheap shopaholic] to write about my deals and random cheap findings because if there is one thing I love more than makeup, it's cheap makeup. Also, to go with my youtube channel. Both things get neglected easily since I became a mama. I'm  21 and I live in Florida. My blog name came from my sweet baby girl, Scarlett. She's a diva in training:) I plan to review beauty products as well as baby products that make my life easy and happy. Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

relevant info:
i have  hazel green eyes, yes i wear contacts but never colored ones.
i have very pale skin with yellow undertones.
i have sensitive, combination skin.

email me at [both personal and professional inquiries]:
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everything on this blog was either paid for by me, bought for me by someone without a bribe [or in my other half's case, possibly a bribe], or sent to me via the generosity of another human being. free stuff does not affect my opinion on a product, bottom line. i always aim to give pros and cons of each product without being biased. if you feel like your product was unfairly reviewed, please contact me and we will discuss it.

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