25 January 2010

NOTD- Rimmel Night Before

love this polish. here's some pictures:

this one is blurry to show the holo top coat. I used Northern Lights Silver Holo Topcoat by Out The Door on top of Rimmel Night Before.

It's looks almost blue when you first open the bottle. The first coat goes on blue, but the second goes more blurple, depending on thickness. It has a micro fine shimmer to it that looks red, but I'm going to say it's more of a reddish purple. It really is a gorgeous, unique color. Plus, it's only like 3$ at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. It's a 60 second formula, but after the second coat it gets pretty thick and 60 seconds just isn't a correct number for drying time. The topcoat is also a fast drying topcoat, I'd say it was still dentable after an hour.

This makes the holo topcoat look like chunky glitter, but it's really not. It's smooth as can be.

Do you have this color? Do you need it? What about the topcoat? I will be posting more NOTD swatches with the topcoat, it's my new favorite love.



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