13 March 2011

elf haul!

my target put out a seasonal elf display much like they did at christmas time, with a bunch of limited edition stuff. then i went to super target in pensacola and they had an actual elf area with regular line and studio line products.
i've bought a few elf products before, the 1$ eyeshadow brush [my favorite brush ever], the all over color sticks, and the giant makeup box thing i got for christmas a year ago.
so this week, i bought their brush cleaner for 3$, 4 studio line eye brushes each for 3$, a 32 eye shadow palette for 4.99$, and not pictured i bought a 5 pack of glosses for 4.99$ as well. both the glosses and palette are limited edition. all available at most target locations currently. you can also find elf on it's website, occasionally at dollar tree, if you're in the south i've found it at kmart and dollar general as well.the limited edition stuff is target exclusive i do believe.
here are so pictures!
excuse the mess. and yes, that is my stove. the kitchen is the only place with decent lighting after dark.
the outside of the palette
inside look
full on view. it has a mirror and sponge applicator. this picture also captures the colors most accurately. there's a more neutral version of this palette as well.
the brushes. these were really soft taklon. i was surprised.
after one use of the cleaner. i washed the brushes above.
if you click any of the pictures, they get bigger:)
if you want a review on anything, just let me know. 
until next time,


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