13 March 2011

Updates && News

hi loves!
i apologize for being gone for so long. i've moved into my own apartment with my other half, and we had a baby, so that has taken over my life. thankfully i am no longer working so hopefully i can get back into the swing of things.
a few new things:
i am changing the way i review things to model temptalia's grading scale. you can read about her grading system here. any questions? just ask. i feel like it's a lot more streamlined and easy to follow.

i will be redoing my glamour doll eyes review to update it and follow this new scale.
also, i will be doing a first impressions, then a full review on lucky 107's eyeshadows and virus insanity's eyeshadows, along with my love letters necklace. i also have an elf haul to add.

i'm going to also start categorizing things differently. i'm going to try to focus on four main things: swatches, hauls, first impressions, and full reviews.

i changed my blog name, obviously. but now i'm also trying to make it pretty and easy to navigate. let me know if you have any suggestions.
i think that is all for this update loves:)


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